Thursday, June 11, 2009

Northern Lights

I'm walking backwards into the ocean
My feet bare and my hands open and empty
The past has taught me nothing
And life goes on,
Its beauty transient and of the moment.

I've foregone other connections
And I'm left with a million unanswered questions,
Ignored potential and conflicting principles,
Ambiguous sentences and unfinished thoughts,
And life went on.

The years pass without my notice,
Days devoid of actualisation.
We laugh and forget,
We dance and say goodbye,
Slowness sets in and my rut grew embellishments,
Decorated with illusions and selective memory.

Northern lights call me away from the city,
My dreams call me away from you.
There is proof of love within our hearts,
But is it enough to keep me from walking back into the ocean?

...Disclaimer: Painting of Aurora Borealis from a Google search, I take absolutely no credit for it.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


It was just me, Lidia and Lola beneath the open-mouthed salivating sky. We stabbed silently at our already bleeding hearts, gutting them of the remnants of that thing called 'love'. We were jaded, our eyes now broken glass full of bonfire anger and hunger and mortality.
As we were killing ourselves to feed our pain, our skins created friction, touching, scarred, hurting, train tracks, microscopic holes. I gasp, overwhelmed by the orgasmic energy of suicide. Broken. Over.