Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mr Ananth

A month has passed in darkness and despair,
I fell and skinned my knees and
I adorn myself with black.
The loss was unbearable,
The anguish a symphony of fear,
Robbing me of air and faith.
My soul is forever tied to his,
and even though my future no longer has a crutch,
I remember him with admiration.
He was my saviour and
this unwarranted tragedy has taught me to be on my own,
to believe in myself and my limitless potential.
I mourn my loss and I mourn for his family,
The best man in the world no longer with us,
We cope, knowing his legacy beats within our hearts.
I love him for trusting me,
I've been angry and abandoned,
But when I close my eyes,
his smile, his soul comforts me from afar.
I raise a glass of whiskey to his memory.
And on that note,

Final Quarter of This Year

I bask in the heat,
Under a blue, blue sky,
I close my eyes.
My mind free, finally,
from thoughts of you.
Two years passed without change,
without growth.
The day you broke my heart
was the day
I took my first untainted breath.
I collect myself from the ashes you burned,
pieces of me like shells on a shore,
scattered and surrounded by dirt.
I brush the dust off my heart and
it begins to beat again,
no longer stagnant,
no longer dictated.
I turn my back on you,
and he catches me as I stumble.
An unexpected, ineffable gift,
I breathe free as I breathe him in.

Man O' War

When the light comes out of hiding,
I am left standing alone, amazed, enchanted,
The world had disappeared into darkness
And September brought an end to the eclipse.
Every day is a discovery,
I am running, content
I begin to dream again,
To speak and laugh, absolutely free.
Patterned ink cover my hands,
I adorn them with culture.
My name is finally familiar to me,
Memories disjointed but easily recognised,
The past year was a notion of loss and fear,
desperation in love,
I stopped breathing, stopped singing.
A jellyfish in the ocean restored my faith,
I begin to eat and pray,
I begin to hope for belief in love.
My light eluded me,
Now it's all behind me and
I stand alone, regal and amazing.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Am No Man

It matters not that love was created and
Invented about the wit and humour of man
It matters not that the night shall wax and wane
That the tide shall take its leave of us
And return in due time
It matters not that love requires an epiphany
It matters not that love is a sophist, a masochist and a sadist
For it had been founded upon the heart of man
Of which hath the attention span of shit
That love shall wilt
It matters not
For I am a woman
And I go by no man's rules
I shall love thee 'til my last breath
I shall love thee with a kind of love
That besieges a woman
Of which is immortal