Friday, November 18, 2011


It started with an unsolicited kiss.
I was homeless for a week and you wanted
to talk a bit more.
You put on music, bohemian folk
music and my soul was at ease.
I was sitting on the dreadful chair in
your room,
you stood across from me.
And then my eyes were closed,
your lips were on mine,
it was perfection in one moment.
One unsolicited moment.
My walls crashed down and I
opened my eyes and pushed you back.
'What was that for?'
'Because I wanted to.'
I ran that weekend,
three whole hours between us.
And you have been running too.
But why do we always come back?
Why did I fall for you,
why did you tell me you love me?
And what now?
'What now?'

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Want You

Take my hand and follow me into the ocean,
as the waves crash and break against us,
look up to the glorious sky and say your goodbyes.
No longer will the insanity rule our minds,
no more will the hurt tear our hearts.
Allow the cold water to surround you,
feel its heavy beauty,
feel my hand in yours.
You are as much mine as I am yours.
You have been projecting unto me out of fear of loss.

But baby, take my hand and follow me,
you are not alone in this.
Let it whisper,
seduction upon your skin,
let it welcome you into its limitless bounds.
A whole universe is waiting for us to make love and damn the consequence.

Come with me into the sea,
we can be forever as you've pleaded me for.

A Fortnight of Fireworks

Love is dancing off my fingers,
in a tangle of smoke,
in opaque bottles,
your kisses linger of silence.

I have touched you today but it's not enough,
it's turning out to be never enough.

Why are we still doing this?
This insane denial,
running like rust in our blood.

Do you not know?
There is no way to fight this,
all the coyness in the world,
cannot mask what this really is.

If only, if only you and I
can accept this for what it really is,
maybe we would not suffer being apart,
maybe the cigarette smoke will not sting our eyes,
maybe we can be silent and not complain.

Maybe we can be quiet and not be bothered,
maybe we can love each other and not be mad,
maybe, one day we will see that this is not
something to fight but something to revel in.

Maybe one day, one day,
you will see the things the way I do
and not deflect the way I do.

The silence is amazing after a fortnight of fireworks lighting up the sky.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

And It's Just The Beginning

The notes are old,
The music as familiar as breathing,
My secrets have already been sold,
My heartbeats no longer regular.

Night falls and I wander,
My footsteps echoing in the dark,
Always alone with no thoughts in my mind,
I enjoy the silence, finally.
Cigarette smoke linger in the tangle of my dying curls,
My lips painted red, I do not care,
The bittersweet taste of consequences on my tongue,
Will never turn into the rust of regret,
I know my heart and it changes,
With each passing moment,
It is ephemeral in the way it loves.
Nobody but you can trust in its immortality,
If only you knew!
Too transient for everybody but somehow,
You came along and put your hands on me,
And I question everything.

De Noviembre, Luna Loca

Even when you've left,
I can still feel you,
your gentle breath on my skin,
your sleeping face in my hands.
Even towns apart,
you manage to catch my fall.

The nights have been too frantic,
madness personified,
we dance through the flashing lights,
we talk through the difficult hours.

Why have you picked me?
Out of all the flowers in this vast field, why me?

I adorn myself with what you've given me and I
can see behind your hazel eyes,
I am there, in your thoughts.

When will you take me with you,
when will these broken weeks come to an end?

Do you not know, baby?
Stop refusing the darkness within this,
let the right one in so some light can shine through.

Come back home,
come home and hold me and never let me go,
how you could not before.

C'est La Vie, St Albans

Rust creeps into my blood,
The wind takes me elsewhere,
The thought of leaving you behind was a reprieve,
But your name resounds in my heart
And so I reach for you,
To find you,
To find you already here.
For some reason or other,
The universe draws us closer,
As we fight, drowning in solitary misery,
No matter how far we think we can run from it,
Love finds us, it binds us until we can no longer
breathe free of it.
In this place away from home,
I have come looking for crystals,
Candle light flickers from the dark windows
lining this street with no name,
Magic is only a myth here as I find the
crystals packed away in boxes,
And as I walk away,
In the cold as darkness falls early,
I see you, in your damned long coat and my
will falters.

Shall we just swallow the truth like honey?

On The Edge Of Glory, Hanging Onto The Truth

For my sweetheart the drunk,
I dance in his arms as I light up the stars in his heart.
Can I survive this, this recurrence of fate?

As we lay in bed,
he tells me everything and nothing I want to know,
as the words tumble out from his lips as it rests on mine,
I learn his closely guarded secret.

I am not alone in this,
this wretched madness,
I am not alone as he takes hold of both my hands
and whispers sweet nothings.

We are both fucked,
as we look into each other's eyes and
smiling becomes an involuntary function,
he asks me my name.
How does he know I answer to a different name,
that I march to a different beat.

How does he know anything when I've let on nothing.

This is dangerous,
what we've been doing.
We can predict the ending,
tears have already been shed,
why is he still holding onto me,
why do I still kiss him?

Before the music subsides,
before the night is through,
before the year is over,
can we resolve this,
do we even want to anymore?