Saturday, February 13, 2010


i am content being alone,
surrounded by colours.

lomo cameras and photography jargon,
i wonder if they know of profound connection,
meditation and rosary beads.
their eyelashes reaching up to the sky,
their gaze empty of comprehension but
alight with enthusiasm.

strange music drift along,
uneven beats and thoughtless lyrics.
how beautiful silence is in comparison,
the constant companion of deserts and oceans.

menthol cigarettes and virgin margaritas,
my friends embrace me with love,
a birthday like no other,
a heart broken like always before,
a bouquet of red roses
from a new acquaintance.

in my corner,
i dream out loud,
coffee and peace on my mind,
twenty-one is a good number.

.............written January 16, 2010....................

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