Monday, November 15, 2010

Restrictive Covenants

Shadows of my past creep under my skin,
The anger, impatience and faithlessness,
I suppress the blackness of my heart,
Allowing only light to be showcased from my laughter.
The hatred long-replaced by hippie carefreeness,
I am no longer accustomed to keeping secrets,
My heart a harbour hidden behind eloquence,
No one knows.
No one knows what lies beneath,
A poison seeping in, catalysing madness.
He looks at me as Brendan looks at Lia,
Amazed and afraid,
he treads on broken glass to get to me.
Having finally let go of despairing encumbrances,
I am fighting tooth and nails to stay away,
Away from the constraints of love.
I am no longer broken, yes,
but I do not want to open myself up yet.
I carry the guilt like a gypsy,
Hoping, praying, that unspoken promises would be enough.
I cannot be moulded,
My skin sheds like a snake's,
I am earth but I am not clay.
For both our sakes,
Let the pieces unfold without overwhelming consequences,
I am trying not to run,
But please do not restrain me, do not despair if I do.

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