Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Man O' War

When the light comes out of hiding,
I am left standing alone, amazed, enchanted,
The world had disappeared into darkness
And September brought an end to the eclipse.
Every day is a discovery,
I am running, content
I begin to dream again,
To speak and laugh, absolutely free.
Patterned ink cover my hands,
I adorn them with culture.
My name is finally familiar to me,
Memories disjointed but easily recognised,
The past year was a notion of loss and fear,
desperation in love,
I stopped breathing, stopped singing.
A jellyfish in the ocean restored my faith,
I begin to eat and pray,
I begin to hope for belief in love.
My light eluded me,
Now it's all behind me and
I stand alone, regal and amazing.

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