Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mr Ananth

A month has passed in darkness and despair,
I fell and skinned my knees and
I adorn myself with black.
The loss was unbearable,
The anguish a symphony of fear,
Robbing me of air and faith.
My soul is forever tied to his,
and even though my future no longer has a crutch,
I remember him with admiration.
He was my saviour and
this unwarranted tragedy has taught me to be on my own,
to believe in myself and my limitless potential.
I mourn my loss and I mourn for his family,
The best man in the world no longer with us,
We cope, knowing his legacy beats within our hearts.
I love him for trusting me,
I've been angry and abandoned,
But when I close my eyes,
his smile, his soul comforts me from afar.
I raise a glass of whiskey to his memory.
And on that note,

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