Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cancer Boy

the simplest things would set him off
off and away on a voyage of his own
and he drowns in the murky, tainted waters
of his zodiac.
i could only watch in despair
and frustration grows
at a loss as to what there is for me to do
to bring him back home.
i am a hypocrite walking away
but my heart constricts
and my belly churns
ordering my feet to take me into space.
i breathe alone,
my nicotine-laced exhalations
murdering the environment.
my love is solid,
a physical corporeal being engulfing the earth.
in decadence i indulge
choosing to forget the life i have to lead
selective of my memories and fantasies.
he is the one
i know this in the deep chasms of my soul
but. my experience and my mind is waging war
on my delirious heart.
we have reached a stalemate,
cancer boy and i.
i hug him,
hoping for my light to transfer
unto him like osmosis.
such an ugly dying world we occupy
beauty only a notion in our eyes
i cannot carry this
the weight of water is crushing on me
calm down, Cancer Boy,
i am not a mirage,
i am yours to have
for as long as you would have me.

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