Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Her mind was an open field;
He reveled in its spaciousness,
Dancing in the splendour of its simplicity.
Her hands grew hot,
Glowing like an ember.
Their eyes met from across the room,
Impossibility forgotten,
They invited each other into what was once separate.
There were no impediments to the connection,
It pulled them together,
Enclosing them in a haven of blue light,
Calm, beautiful and everlasting.
She loved him with all her heart
And he's stopped warding off the insanity.
Such a sweet consequence of sin this was,
He did not care that her powers were terrifying,
She did not care that he knew of her most closely-guarded secret.
The universe descended upon them,
A blanket of night sky,
The backdrop to their northern lights.
This love was transcendental,
An ascension claimed their hearts,
They were no longer apart,
That amazing blue light sealing their bond,
Their hands touched
And the future exploded.

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