Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Peace for Love

for too long my window couldn't be opened
for fear of freedom,
you kept me at bay.
but watch me air my opinions now,
do you have anything to say?

took my books away,
you didn't want me to grow up,
take my pen away,
you don't want me to rebel.

all you see are malleable minds,
you cannot see the soul that dwells inside,
wanting to fly, waiting to outshine you all.

who would've thought
all your big talk,
all the propaganda
is just your mask of greed.

i admit defeat,
you will not change,
power calls, its voice to great,
but just you wait,
the truth will prevail
and how will you hide,
how will you run,
when the fire you suppressed comes roaring out.

so finally, i unlock my window,
watch my wings,
they've grown beautifully wrong.
you clipped them back but it wasn't enough,
can't shut me up without compromising yourself.

you lied to us,
took away our voice,
but hear me sing now,
what do you have to say?

i say bring them home,
let there be peace for love,
fireplaces and living rooms deserve a man at home,
been empty too long while you fought
too long, too long this despair you brought,
disguised as duty,
you know nothing of it.
so hear me sing
what have you got to say?

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