Saturday, November 12, 2011

On The Edge Of Glory, Hanging Onto The Truth

For my sweetheart the drunk,
I dance in his arms as I light up the stars in his heart.
Can I survive this, this recurrence of fate?

As we lay in bed,
he tells me everything and nothing I want to know,
as the words tumble out from his lips as it rests on mine,
I learn his closely guarded secret.

I am not alone in this,
this wretched madness,
I am not alone as he takes hold of both my hands
and whispers sweet nothings.

We are both fucked,
as we look into each other's eyes and
smiling becomes an involuntary function,
he asks me my name.
How does he know I answer to a different name,
that I march to a different beat.

How does he know anything when I've let on nothing.

This is dangerous,
what we've been doing.
We can predict the ending,
tears have already been shed,
why is he still holding onto me,
why do I still kiss him?

Before the music subsides,
before the night is through,
before the year is over,
can we resolve this,
do we even want to anymore?

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