Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Forever Room

Buttons, perfume bottles and printed pages were scattered across the floor. The room was vast and beautifully chaotic. Everything arranged and otherwise, possessed individual stories of secrets, happiness and hope. The sound of tears and laughter echoed within the decorated walls, making love with each other, creating the most bittersweet music.
My bare feet cautiously guided me, navigating me around that room blooming and almost bursting with history. I lingered in that room for what seemed like one-one-thousandth of a second, an eternity.
As I perused the items occupying every surface, I touched the materials that sang back to me, touching me back.
There were wine glasses from Paris, tea sets from London, spaghetti strainers from Rome. Boxes of memories from all corners of the world. Books, antique and read, newly-published and ignored. Fantastic, seemingly random pieces of stuff.
Smiling softly as I allow the past to serenade me, I whole-heartedly appreciated the chance I had been given to discover again what I had forgotten.

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