Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Pill

We don't talk much or often
We don't meet for breakfast, lunch or dinner
We don't have any pictures together
And we don't think of each other all that much

But there are times you make me so happy
Like the world is beautiful and
Everything's possible

(You don't call and I don't write
You're laughing with someone else and
I'm crying over another lost love
You sing and I listen,
I'm your biggest fan and you know it
I love you and I know it's not always enough)

We don't have exclusive memories
We don't have much in common
We don't really know each other very well
And we don't think of each other as much as I'd like

But sometimes your voice brightens my day
Like I was sad and ignorant of that fact and
You're my happy pill

(Repeat Chorus)

This is about Teddy :) xoxo

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