Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dangerous Angels

Dust gathers in my arms, coating your void.
I've made my decision, I'm sewing shut my mouth,
Sealing in my secrets and kisses.
I'm sewing shut my eyes,
Sealing in the hurt, the glass, the glamour.
I've been dangerous for far too long,
Growing and breaking my wings too many times
I've been procrastinating my insanity,
Building up the madness in my mind.
And so the gates open one fine day
The rush of schizophrenic seizures,
catatonic calls and overwhelming waves
Hit me all at once, fucked me up big time.
I was in love, and I was loved back
I had passion and I had a friend.
But society felt my fire had to be put out,
Woke me up from romanticism with cold water.
I had to be separated from a soul-mate,
Disattach me from supposedly dancing delusions.
My parents never knew, they shot their own daughter
I fell down like a dog falling from the night sky.
I'm broken up, not gonna bother keeping it together now.

....... just something from my 2006 archive.........

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