Monday, May 25, 2009

Tabula Rasa

maybe i've run out of benefits of your doubt
you've put up with all my shit for way too long
maybe it's over for now but please don't shut me out
maybe love isn't enough but you are where i belong.

when you smile at me and you mean it
my world lights up and inflates, ready to fly
and when you hold my hand and tell me to sit
beside you, behind you, before you i would die
when you just look at me
i am happy beyond words and reactions
when you laugh with me
they don't exist, baby, the issues and complications.

so how 'bout a clean slate?
forget about the secrets and lies to date.
how bout we start over?
since we already have forever.


  1. I like the last verse. Sounds like a song to me. Maybe we can give it some music of our own.