Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Fortnight of Fireworks

Love is dancing off my fingers,
in a tangle of smoke,
in opaque bottles,
your kisses linger of silence.

I have touched you today but it's not enough,
it's turning out to be never enough.

Why are we still doing this?
This insane denial,
running like rust in our blood.

Do you not know?
There is no way to fight this,
all the coyness in the world,
cannot mask what this really is.

If only, if only you and I
can accept this for what it really is,
maybe we would not suffer being apart,
maybe the cigarette smoke will not sting our eyes,
maybe we can be silent and not complain.

Maybe we can be quiet and not be bothered,
maybe we can love each other and not be mad,
maybe, one day we will see that this is not
something to fight but something to revel in.

Maybe one day, one day,
you will see the things the way I do
and not deflect the way I do.

The silence is amazing after a fortnight of fireworks lighting up the sky.

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