Saturday, November 12, 2011

De Noviembre, Luna Loca

Even when you've left,
I can still feel you,
your gentle breath on my skin,
your sleeping face in my hands.
Even towns apart,
you manage to catch my fall.

The nights have been too frantic,
madness personified,
we dance through the flashing lights,
we talk through the difficult hours.

Why have you picked me?
Out of all the flowers in this vast field, why me?

I adorn myself with what you've given me and I
can see behind your hazel eyes,
I am there, in your thoughts.

When will you take me with you,
when will these broken weeks come to an end?

Do you not know, baby?
Stop refusing the darkness within this,
let the right one in so some light can shine through.

Come back home,
come home and hold me and never let me go,
how you could not before.

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