Saturday, November 12, 2011

And It's Just The Beginning

The notes are old,
The music as familiar as breathing,
My secrets have already been sold,
My heartbeats no longer regular.

Night falls and I wander,
My footsteps echoing in the dark,
Always alone with no thoughts in my mind,
I enjoy the silence, finally.
Cigarette smoke linger in the tangle of my dying curls,
My lips painted red, I do not care,
The bittersweet taste of consequences on my tongue,
Will never turn into the rust of regret,
I know my heart and it changes,
With each passing moment,
It is ephemeral in the way it loves.
Nobody but you can trust in its immortality,
If only you knew!
Too transient for everybody but somehow,
You came along and put your hands on me,
And I question everything.

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