Saturday, November 12, 2011

C'est La Vie, St Albans

Rust creeps into my blood,
The wind takes me elsewhere,
The thought of leaving you behind was a reprieve,
But your name resounds in my heart
And so I reach for you,
To find you,
To find you already here.
For some reason or other,
The universe draws us closer,
As we fight, drowning in solitary misery,
No matter how far we think we can run from it,
Love finds us, it binds us until we can no longer
breathe free of it.
In this place away from home,
I have come looking for crystals,
Candle light flickers from the dark windows
lining this street with no name,
Magic is only a myth here as I find the
crystals packed away in boxes,
And as I walk away,
In the cold as darkness falls early,
I see you, in your damned long coat and my
will falters.

Shall we just swallow the truth like honey?

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