Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Want You

Take my hand and follow me into the ocean,
as the waves crash and break against us,
look up to the glorious sky and say your goodbyes.
No longer will the insanity rule our minds,
no more will the hurt tear our hearts.
Allow the cold water to surround you,
feel its heavy beauty,
feel my hand in yours.
You are as much mine as I am yours.
You have been projecting unto me out of fear of loss.

But baby, take my hand and follow me,
you are not alone in this.
Let it whisper,
seduction upon your skin,
let it welcome you into its limitless bounds.
A whole universe is waiting for us to make love and damn the consequence.

Come with me into the sea,
we can be forever as you've pleaded me for.

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